Communicating Confidently in the work place

Event date: 29 Apr 2016
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Turn Lights On is a self development and coaching company founded by noted speaker Georgina Jones.   Communicating confidently in the work place course has been specifically designed to deepen professional relationships, enhance performance and maximise potential through more effective communication.   If you sometimes struggle to get your point across, find it hard to engage with senior managers or team mates, dread presenting or hate networking then this course is for you.   This one day workshop based in the centre of Cardiff will be inspiring, interactive and fun.   The workshop runs between 10am and 4pm, costs £150 + VAT and includes lunch and refreshments. To book please email; [email protected] or use the form below.

About Georgina

Author and international speaker Georgina Jones has a stellar track record of engaging and motivating teams.   She has designed and facilitated training with some of the biggest names in the UK including: Innocent, EE, GE Capitol, Admiral, BBC, NHS, Lloyds Banking group.  George will leave you feeling full of energy and inspired.   She’ll give you plenty of tips and guidance to take away and use everyday.

What will I learn?

* How to build rapport and improve relationships

* How to get your point across in difficult situations

* How to talk to senior staff without the nerves

* How to network like a rockstar

* How to really listen by understand non verbal signals

* How to present in an easy breezy engaging way

What will it cover?

* The power of the voice; breathing, projection and tone

* What are nerves, why are they there and how can you control them?

* Techniques to help you really listen

* Non verbal clues and body language

* How posture can affect confidence

* Self talk, giving yourself the ‘ooomph’ you need to succeed

Benefits of attending

* Unlock your potential; lack of confidence is holding you back

* You will receive practical advice about how to use your voice, body and mind to get your point across

* You will leave feeling empowered, motivated and inspired; everyone can improve their confidence

* We will give you all the support you need to work through areas of difficulty

You will better understand the needs of people around you

* You will be able to forge deeper and more meaningful professional relationships

* You will receive a free month subscription to ‘My happy place’ an online resource full of useful tools and exercises, helping you live a more happy and connected life

What do other people say?

 “Communication sounds like such a simple word but how it s done can have huge implications on a situation.   I’m a physiotherapist and I work in elite sport but I often felt that I wasn’t eloquent and wasn’t able to express myself in the way I wanted to.   In an attempt to better myself at this I attended a communication workshop which is where I came across the concept of TLO. I was intrigued and curious to learn more. There are so many ways that TLO has helped me but the most significant has been around being in the moment and the record I was playing.    I was preparing for an interview for selection for the Rio Olympic games and there were so many negative thoughts about past things and future what ifs going through my head but I kept reminding myself about what record was I playing and what I needed to do in the now.   This really helped me focus on how I approached the interview and I even used being in the here and now to answer a question! I’m happy to say that my performance at that interview was the best I’ve given and I know that it was because I was practicing concepts from TLO.    What I am tying to do now is make small changes to various aspects of my life to allow this positivity to impact on my life in other ways.”

The entire day was amazing! I really Loved it. Loved Georges style and what was covered.”

Interactive presentation style. The energy of the delivery. Good Mix of People on the course. A good number to make the day quite intimate”

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