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This book will help you to focus, engage, and reconnect with yourself and those around you, and start you on a path towards happiness and achievement. It contains tips on how to approach the difficult situations life throws at us and, through interactive exercises, helps you to put things right what might be wrong in your life.

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Here’s what people have said about the Turn Lights On Book:

Emma Lloyd founder of Create the Ripples

Create the Ripple @CreateTheRipple

“How truly wonderful and uplifting. In our busy live’s we often forget to enjoy the present moment and this is a book that reminds you of the wonder of the little things around you to allow you to do just that.”

Aimee Bateman – Entrepreneur

Career Cake @CareercakeTV

“Georgina is a passionate, engaged writer who really sets an inspirational tone with this book. A practical, fun read that will help you make your world and the world of others, a much brighter place.”

Paula Morris – Marketing Manager


“I would definitely recommend anyone to read this book and do the exercises. It’s not like a smug self help manual, I can’t stand that kind of thing. It’s grounded in reality and easy to understand- and really entertaining too! Hope it has as much of a positive impact on you as it’s had on me :)”


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