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October 31st, 2014

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I talked about observing your thoughts in order to understand yourself better. I spend the day observing my own thoughts and I can tell you that it was such an interesting journey! There were many things that I noticed. We have thousands of thoughts every day and I’m not going to go into everyone one a, because I can’t remember and b, you have a life and stuff to do! So I have picked one example that I feel could add some value to you.

Few months ago I had a speeding ticket as I was going a little over the speed limit. When I received the letter I paid the fine and sent my license. A year ago I lost my license and then found it, so I managed to send the wrong licence away! A few months ago they sent me a letter and I have been trying to contact them since, however I have not been getting though on the line or phoning when the office was closed.

This letter has been on my desk for weeks staring at me, screaming at me ‘GEORGE SORT ME OUT!’ So why am I telling you this? I noticed that every time I looked at this letter I would have a thought that would come into my mind. Then a feeling of anxiety, which would then lead to another thought. I noticed that every time I looked at the letter I would think of another thing that I hadn’t done! It was that feeling of, “oh no! I haven’t done my homework”. Yesterday I thought, ‘right enough is enough!’ this thought is affecting other stuff. I phoned the DVLA and spoke to a lovely lady. It was all fine and is now all sorted. I was so relieved as sometimes I have had thoughts of me going to court as I haven’t sorted my licence out! You know those grand thoughts we dream up when we haven’t dealt with stuff! We have great imaginations don’t we.

So the moral and my advice to you is, if you have something on your “to do” list that has been on there a while do it today! It will be making an impacting on lots of other stuff and when you do it you feel so much lighter! If I hadn’t been observing my thoughts I might not have noticed this silly little thing that was bothering me and impacting on other things.

I am keen to know how your day went when you were observing your thoughts. I hope it was interesting and you learnt some stuff about you, your greatest project and constant masterpiece that will never be finished.

Have a wonderful day.



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