Amazing Book Reviews for the Turn Lights On Book!

March 26th, 2015

Amazing Book Reviews!

“Only one word can describe this amazing book and the incredible author Georgina Jones – awesome!!! Its not always about what you get, its also about what you give! Turn Lights On shows you how to make yourself feel really good by literally turning other peoples lights on! What a better place this world would be if everybody practiced TLO. Brilliant yet simple concept – wish I’d thought of it”

Mr Ethan John

“This book, and the TLO idea in general, has made a massive difference to the way I approach my life and to how happy I am. After reading it, I decided to set up my own business! It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and silence the negative thoughts that were holding me back. TLO has also improved my relationships with friends, family and colleagues and it’s helped me to understand how important it is to really connect with people- strangers as well as people I know.

It feels so good to just smile at someone in the street or on public transport and see them smile back at you, have a conversation with the lady on the checkout in Tesco rather than keeping my head down and rushing around. It’s good to stop and smell the roses, and share that with someone. In reality we’re not too busy, because what you get out of turning someone’s light on makes your life happier and more rewarding. I would definitely recommend anyone to read this book and do the exercises. It’s not like a smug self help manual, I can’t stand that kind of thing. It’s grounded in reality and easy to understand- and really entertaining too! Hope it has as much of a positive impact on you as it’s had on me :)”

Miss Paula Morris

“I couldn’t wait to start reading my copy of Turn Lights On & I wasn’t disappointed. Georgina’s fun, light hearted sense of humour comes across straight away in the very first page. Georgina’s message is about being in our lives more, being in the moment & making more connections with people. I practice her supermarket challenge every time I go out & take the time to engage with people even if just for a few minutes or seconds. We’re so busy on our phones it nice to just make eye contact with someone & ask them how their day is going. I liked the exercises. They made me look at the often silly excuses I use to stop me doing things I want to do in life. The book makes me believe that I can be more & achieve more. It made me look at myself & my negative behaviour & think about how to think better thoughts & be a more positive happy person. It’s the best present you can give yourself this year. Well worth the £10″

Hells Bells


Turn Lights On Workbook


“Great book for those who overthink or over analyse. This book helps you get out of living in the past or fearing the future and encourages you to be present – when your living in the moment your free from past regret future fears and your shining your light. This is when your lights are turned on!!”

Kirsten Davies

“Go crazy, spend a tenner on yourself and learn how Turning Lights On can help you connect in the most wonderful way with yourself and those around you. Georgina Jones is the inspiration that shines through this whole workbook. If your light has dimmed, if you see people on a daily basis who’s lights have run out of battery….read and work through this book to learn ways of re-igniting those lights! The best £10 you’ll spend this year! Thank you Georgina for sharing your light with the world!x”

Hafina Evans

If you think we have made these up check out Amazon if you would like to get a copy of the book its available now, let’s turn lights on together!






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