Feeling fed up? Want to feel better? I have just the ticket…

July 2nd, 2015


Turn Lights On is a simple message….

Making other people happy makes you happy!

When we are feeling low, stressed and generally yuk the last thing we want to do is make other people feel happy, it’s all about us! This doesn’t help at all, we then go in the world of over analysing, over thinking feeling even more disconnected.

Turn Lights On is about connection, connecting with strangers, friends, family, work colleagues, the Lollypop Lady, the Milkman, the Bus Driver and whomever!

Turning someones light on is about connecting with other person, getting out of your own way for a moment and making other people feel happy. It is going against the grain, it’s the last thing we sometimes want to do but trust me it can bring such super cool rewards.

My Top Tips (Try Tonight and Turn Someones Lights On)

Say “Hello” and ask how they are doing, really look into the eyes and feel the words you are saying. Not a robotic greeting a real greeting. Sometimes when I do this I see peoples eyes light up straight away, it might have been the first time someone has been acknowledged that day.

Smile, it is the best start, feels good to do and looks great too.

Find out what is going on for them, no broadcasting with “me me me” find out about them

Be Curious, everyone has a story…find it

Don’t be scared, this is not about people liking you this is about turning lights on, it is a completely selfless act with some awesome benefits

How do you know if you have turned someones light on?

You feel it and see it! I’m not going to tell you exactly what you feel and see. I want you to tell me.

I want you to tell me what it was like when you turn someones lights on….Talk to me by commenting on the blog below on any social media platform, go on try it what have you got to lose? 

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