James Has Turned My Light On

July 23rd, 2015

This morning I did my usual flick through my Facebook feed and up popped a photo of a friend of mine James Robinson owner of Hello Starling!

James and I met through the Welsh Government Big Ideas Wales, a wonderful project that inspires young people to become entrepreneurs.



James always impresses me with his kindness, he always treats his customers and his team in such a caring way, hence him being the successful business man he is.

Reading this story of him helping a homeless couple and paying for them to stay in one of Cardiff’s luxury hotels and I’ve got to say I wasn’t surprised.  It’s a wonderful thing to do and something that stands out for me from James’ story is his focus and tenacity to Turn Lights On.  He tried two other hotels before one agreed to provide the couple with a room.  Tenacity is sometimes needed to do the right thing!

Turning Lights On is not easy all of the time.  Trust, understanding, listening and taking the time to see what is going on for another person is really being in the moment with them, really turning their lights on.

Have a read of this wonderful story, it’s inspired me to be more tenacious and keep Turning One Light On at a time!  Kindness and compassion are natural human traits and sometimes in 2015 it’s not the easiest thing to do, but it’s the right thing!

A massive thanks to James for being an inspiration to me today.





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