Turning Lights On at The Welsh Business Show Swansea

July 20th, 2015

Have you been to the Welsh Business show before?  It has been running for over 6 years now and I’m excited to let you know that this time George will be Turning Lights On at The Welsh Business Show Swansea; you’ll be able to go and find out all about how to Turn Lights On and how it can help you live a meaningful life that you love!

In addition to George there are some other amazing speakers.  Brad Burton is the UK’s number 1 motivational speaker, author and the Managing Director of a company that runs over 5000 networking events every year in the UK alone!  You’ll also get to hear from Stefan Thomas, the Author of Business Networking for Dummies.  Darren Page will be there to speak to you about Beating Stress at Work.  Nick Badman about the employment life cycle and lastly, Lynne Orton will be there and will let you know all about Speed Networking.  There’s a load of great stuff to learn!

It runs from 8am – 3pm on October 22nd at Liberty Stadium to find out more about it and to get FREE tickets visit The Welsh Business Show Website you can also follow them on twitter.

Here’s Some TLO Tips for networking events:

One- Don’t feel you need to speak to everyone there!  Of course it is a networking event, so don’t go away having spoken to no one, remember quality over quantity.  Networking is about forging good relationships – not a chance to give out as many business cards as possible.

Two- Prepare.  What do you want to leave the event with?  Connections to peers who do the same thing?  A link in with someone who rocks at Social Media?  Have expectations and make sure you stick to them when you’re there.  Don’t just get distracted by the great breakfast or the hilarious person you sat next to… that’s a little trap I sometimes fall in to!

Three- Be present.  We’ve all been at events, nights out or meetings at work where the person clearly is in a rush, not interested and is a little grey in the eyes.  Don’t be that person.  Give energy.  If you’re catching up with someone take the opportunity to connect… to Turn Lights On.

Four- Be Memorable.  You’re going to be asked your name and what you do – be clear about what that is.  Talk about what you do and include what you’re passionate about.  Even if that’s something outside of work.  You’re connecting with people not robots find common grounds!

Have any thoughts or questions?  I’d love for you to get in touch by commenting below.

I’m going to end with an opportunity for you… You can find out more about living a life with your Lights On for FREE by clicking here and getting the first Chapter of our book titled Turn Lights On.  If you’re ready for the whole thing you can get your hands on it by clicking here.

Thanks!  George and I can’t wait to see you there!

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