Thanks For Letting Us Know What You Think!

August 7th, 2015

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to fill in a little survey for us about Turn Lights On.  Loads of you were kind enough to let us know your thoughts and I’ve been chuffed to pieces reading the things you’ve said.  Thanks For Letting Us Know What You Think!

I’m very happy that you gave us the NPS (Net Promoter Score- a universal measurement of customer satisfaction) of 62!  We’re thrilled about it and even more excited about the things we’re working on to make it even higher!

You gave us a lot of good feedback about what you’d like to see from Turn Lights On.  Including letting us know that you love the book, the chapter that you got free (If you haven’t got yours you can by clicking here), and want to see the second one soon!  The great news is that we’re thinking of innovative ways to get that to you.

You also said that you want to see a TLO event happen regularly near you.  Well….we have an idea cooking for you about this.  Subscribe on the right hand side to get more updated about what we’re preparing for you.

Loads of you told us that you love what we’re doing the way that we’re doing it already, lush!  We had a few great idea’s come from you too; retreats, online courses, talking in schools!  Watch this space.  All great idea’s that we’re planning on making happen!

We did say that we would pick a winner at random… happy to let you know our winner is Jenny Gunnarsson!  Well done Jenny you’ve won this beautiful light to help inspire you to keep Turning Lights On:

Retro Love Light Up Sign


We love hearing from our Lighters so want to hear your questions go ahead and comment below or on social media or just below on this blog!

Have a great weekend!


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