What is the Cardiff 30?

April 26th, 2016
The Cardiff 30

You may have heard us mention a secret project called ‘The Cardiff 30’, or you may even have seen an intriguing poster or a cute video.  Not sure what it’s about? Read on!

In a nutshell, we will have 30 people on a 21 day programme and will be personally supporting them to learn and use the Turn Lights On practice.

They will have access to our inspiring content  and  we will ask them to turn people’s lights on everyday.   This will improve the quality of their relationships and will have a direct impact to their happiness. They will be supplying us with feedback and data so we can show how TLO changes lives.

What will the Cardiff 30 learn?

When you know you are living life in the moment, when you feel fully energised, contented and fulfilled, that’s when you’ll know what true happiness feels like. If this doesn’t sound like the life you are living today then Cardiff 30 really is for you.

We want to attract some new faces to this project  (people who do not know a sausage about Turn Lights On).  If you are interested contact us: [email protected] 




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