Digital Detox Retreat 2016 Complete!

May 20th, 2016

We did it; our Digital Detox Retreat is done!  Our first retreat was in the beautiful setting in Fforest in West Wales.  It was a utterly stunning weekend and people left with there lights beaming!  I saw people relax by more and more by the minute. It was a pleasure to support people to get to their happy place.


Seven things I saw, experienced and learned on our first retreat…

  1. Unplugging!  It was so lovely not to have a little visitor at the table that always interrupts the conversation and that is our phones!  When the conversation slowed we just shared moments of silence or just sparked another conversation, there was no checking our phones when a little bit of effort had to be made which we do see a lot in the world now.
  2. Starting Your Day Charged! The morning charges were a hit. Morning charges are our new ‘How To Guide; for being better in the morning. Sign Up to our mailing list to be the first to get the guide!  As a group we walked down the beach, did some walking mediation and then had a chat on the sand.  Then a walk back to the beautiful accommodation where we enjoyed a healthy breakfast together with a bit of a Soul Music in the background.  It was a great way to start a day.  We talked about how we can all have some happiness habits for the morning and how it really sets the day.
  3. Old habits die hard!  At first people were a little anxious without there phones and Karl, one of the lovely people on the retreat, said he felt himself reaching in his pocket to check his phone when it wasn’t there!
  4. The balance of giving to yourself vs others! We discussed the importance of self care and how it is so important to making sure that you have to give to yourself first before you can give to others.  There was some talk of people feeling guilty for taking the time out for ourselves.  How can we be the best version of ourselves if we are the last one to get the attention we deserve?  We all left, me included, with an action plan on how we are going to remain filling up our cups so we can share with others.
  5. It’s Unpredictable! Working with people is always interesting… you never know how things will go when the group is together.  I’m not someone that has a ridged learning programme that people need to stick to!  I love exploring with the group, being led by them with what their objectives are for a session and also using the knowledge in the group.  I’m not an oracle, lets explore together… we so did that!  The group connected, learned and shared together.  When you spend time around a campfire eating marshmallows you bond big time!
  6. It’s a team effort!  Matt and my team were instrumental in making the weekend happen.  I’m also very grateful for two other sessions covered by Gemma Johnston, a ball of inspiring energy, for the most amazing hula hoop session!   Also my beautiful partner and best friend Gareth Daniel of Finally did a wonderful essential oil workshop.  Everyone left making their own product made from organic oils.  The whole weekend was so easy in the wonderful Fforest, the team there treated us like their friends not customers, the location was beautiful and the catering was on point!
  7. Practice what you preach!  I did find a lot of the weekend I was worried about everyone having what they needed and finding myself not feeling and focusing on thinking.  I was encouraging people to be present, be connected and at times I was disconnected thinking about lunch being on time and getting my sessions right.  The lesson is that TLO is a practice, worry & pressure can really test your ability to practice.  Thankfully I have TLO to pull me back to the present and get some clarity when there’s temptation to get wrapped up in the small stuff.

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